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houseclip3 Support local businesses
Perks Town is made up of locally owned businesses that help support the local network everytime they add a member or exciting perk. So your Perks Town card works at businesses all over town.
hauseclip1 Local Only!
Local business is the engine that drives and sustains local communities. By being rewarded perks for supporting local businesses everyone in the community wins.

houseclip2 Easily search and find more perks.
Search other local businesses perks by zip code from your PC or mobile device. Narrow your search to specific catagories and check frequently for new perks.

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houseclip4 Save your favorite PERKS.
Search other perks from your PC or mobile device and save to your favorites. Get quick access to your favorites on your mobile device, or print perks from your PC.

2PHONECLIP Mobile Coupons or PERKS.
Access your Perks Town discounts every time you visit a participating business. Mobile search new businesses to visit and redeem perks on your phone or mobile device.

couponsmobile PC, Tablet, and Smart Phone.
Save the website to your favorites on your PC. Save
to your phone or tablet home screen for easy access. Wherever you see Perks Town you have access to instant money saving perks.

Perks Town Card

Register your card, then login using the email address used to register your card, use your 10 digit cell phone numder as your password, click the "perks" tab, then:

Mobile Perks

Login on your phone: Simply bring any mobile device to any participating local business, login
to the website, click the perks tab and voila,
show the mobile device to the local business
to redeem instant perk!

Search & Add New Perks!


Search new perks from your phone or PC,
simply login and click the search tab, then enter zip code and category, then simply add to your favorites to redeem perks all over town.